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6 Surprising Facts About Your Ceiling Fan

6 Surprising Facts About Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have been around since the turn of the 20th century. They come in handy during those balmy New Jersey days when you need to cool down at the flip of a switch.

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But ceiling fans are a little more complicated than a few rotating blades. Home ceiling fans can cost you more on energy bills and less on cooling if you’re not careful. Get to know your energy consumption better and take a look at Hutchinson’s six mind-blowing facts about ceiling fans.

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Do Ceiling Fans Help Cool Your Home?

Ceiling fans are designed to help cool your home during the toughest heat waves, right? 

Well, sort of. While ceiling fans do help cool your home, there are certain factors to consider when purchasing a new home ceiling fan—including a few that may come as a surprise. 

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1. Ceiling Fans Actually Heat Rooms

Shocking, we know. It seems a little counterintuitive that a ceiling fan would leave your room feeling hotter than before you even flipped the switch, right? This is because of its electric motor. Heat will accumulate in a room due to electrical energy being converted into mechanical energy. 

Being mindful of your fan usage is important in keeping your room from overheating—and it helps with the electric bill, too. To cut down on heat and energy, turn your fan off when you’re not using it.

2. Lower Speed Is More Efficient

Running your fan at its highest speed might sound good, especially when it’s blisteringly hot outside. However, a higher speed is less efficient than a lower speed. 

Low and medium speeds will suck less energy than high speeds, keeping you cool and comfortable while saving money on your utility bill. Check the efficacy label for information on how to get the most out of your ceiling fan’s CFM.

3. When It Comes to Fans, Bigger Is Better

You know what they say—go big, or go home. Smaller fans typically need to run at a higher speed to cool a room. Larger fans with longer blades will use far less energy than a small ceiling fan with short blades.

For the best cooling results, purchase a fan with a high-efficiency rating, run at a low speed, and turn it off when not in use. Have a question about ceiling fans? Our team can help you determine the best fan for you. 

4. Fans With Longer Blades Improve Airflow

Are you looking for a softer, more comfortable airflow? Purchase a fan with longer blades. Ceiling fans with longer blades are perfect for larger rooms and can extend their airflow twice as far as a ceiling fan with shorter blades. 

Ceiling fans with longer blades also have the highest efficacies, as opposed to small, short-bladed fans. Our team of cooling experts is happy to help guide you through your next ceiling fan purchase.

5. Home Ceiling Fans Can Lower Your Energy Bill

Who doesn’t want a lower energy bill? Turning on your ceiling fan while you’re in the same room allows you to turn up your thermostat, resulting in less energy and lower bills. 

Simply set your thermostat to a higher setting while you are in the same room as your ceiling fan—but don’t forget to turn your fan off when you’re not using the room it’s in. Leaving your ceiling fan unattended to spin at its own will can cause your energy bills to increase.

6. Energy Efficient Models Are More Efficient

These days, energy efficiency is all the rage. An Energy Star-certified ceiling fan is 60% more efficient than your average ceiling fan and meets energy efficiency requirements set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

Ready to start your journey to energy efficiency? Contact our cooling team at Hutchinson to discuss your ceiling fan options. 

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