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Why is Indoor Air Quality Especially Important During a Pandemic?

Why is Indoor Air Quality Especially Important During a Pandemic?

When a deadly virus is more threatening than ever before in most people’s lifetimes, having clean air is critical. Certainly, one effective way to go about this is by using personal protective equipment to keep yourself safe from droplets and any other forms of transmission from COVID-19. Besides that, when indoors, good air quality is essential to one’s health, especially now during a pandemic. Here, we will review what indoor air quality is, what contributes to it, and what can be done to improve it within the home. 

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What is Indoor Air Quality?

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) has to do with the condition of the air and how healthy it is for those occupying the space. Often, the air within the home is filled with pollutants and contaminants, more so than the air outside. It can worsen over time and even become harmful to one’s health if left untreated. 

What is Responsible for Reducing IAQ? 

Unfortunately, there is a long list of substances that can be behind poor IAQ, but some of them are avoidable. For instance, household products and cleaners are largely liable for the health effects associated with a lower IAQ. Another that plays a part is tobacco products. 

On the other hand, however, the list is much longer for the factors that are not our doing for being brought into the home. Many pollutants, in fact, can sneak into the home and cause short-term effects, comparable to a cold. Sources include anything from excessive moisture, fuel-burning combustion appliances, radon, pesticides, and other outdoor air pollutants, to name a few. 

Finally, cooling and heating systems within the home can contribute to indoor air quality if not well-maintained. This includes humidification machines and air conditioning and heating systems. Particularly, what is most important for these units is to be cleaned regularly to ensure that no debris or particles are being pushed through to contaminate the air. 

How to Improve IAQ

Luckily, there are several solutions when it comes to improving indoor air quality within the home. If you find that the air conditioning and heating systems may be the culprit, Hutchinson has multiple options available. 

Air Filtration Systems

In order to improve the air within your home, air filtration systems can trap particles from your cooling and heating systems. There are multiple whole-house air cleaning systems available, including purifiers. These clean up your home well by killing germs and capturing those particles so they are no longer floating around in the air. 

Vent Cleaning Services

Meanwhile, having ducts and dryer vents cleaned and cleared out regularly can help. Vent cleaning services can treat mildew, mold, fungi, dust, and bacteria which tend to get caught in these areas. 

UV Treatment 

Last but not least, UV treatment is another answer which zaps bacteria directly. It can eliminate nearly 87% of all airborne bacteria. This is particularly valuable now with COVID-19. In fact, it has historically been used in labs and hospitals primarily, but now it is available for use in the home. 

Making the Change

When looking to implement any of these indoor air quality services into your home, reach out to your trusted air specialists in South Jersey. Hutchinson is here to help get your home back to safe conditions for you and your family. Contact us for more information today!