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Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Purify The Air In Your Home.

Did you know inside air could be five times more polluted than outside air?

Most homes are full of tiny particles that are so small you can’t see them. Pollen and mold spores, pet hair, bacteria and viruses can aggravate allergies and asthma and make you and your family sick. So why not capture them out of the air and kill them? There are many products available to purify the air in your home from filters to air purifiers. Hutchinson will help you figure out which is right for you.
Filters: A typical 1-inch furnace filter is designed to keep lint off your indoor system coil so that it runs efficiently. If you want to trap smaller airborne particles, you’ll need a higher efficiency filter. Products like Honeywell whole-house air cleaners are installed in your heating and air conditioning system and capture particles as they pass through the ductwork and the air cleaner.

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