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Why an Air Purification System May Be Necessary for Your Home


Why an Air Purification System May Be Necessary for Your Home

If you’ve ever read an HVAC blog like ours, chances are that you’ve heard about the importance of indoor air quality. Having “good” air within your home can drastically improve your family’s health overall, so it’s no wonder that sites all over the web are raving about it. At Hutchinson, we genuinely believe that indoor air quality is essential to keeping any household happy and healthy, so we provide the best indoor air quality services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. 

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Indoor air quality is increased through a variety of different methods, but our focus for today is air purification, what it does, and why it may be a critical necessity to add to your home’s HVAC systems as a whole.

What it Does

An air purifier is a specific category of air filtration system which removes harmful pollutants from the air within your home. What exactly do they remove? Check out this handy infographic for a breakdown of the many contaminants in your home that an air purifier will help to eliminate once and for all.

Removing all of these particles from your air in general sounds quite complicated, but our state-of-the-art selection of air purification systems make it seem effortless. You’ll notice plenty of small yet powerful health benefits, such as your allergies being flared up far less when common allergens and harmful bacteria are removed from the equation. 

Why You Need One

It may be easy for homeowners to brush aside indoor air quality as something not worth the time or effort to improve. Still, we at Hutchinson strongly believe that households can significantly benefit from some form of air purification, from a whole-home system to a portable unit.

Why does your family need an air purifier?

  • If someone in your home suffers from asthma or allergies, getting rid of as many agitators as possible is essential to keeping them healthy.
  • If you have pets, especially the typical household loved ones like cats or dogs, plenty of pet dander is sure to be flowing through your air and causing issues. An air purifier is essential for any cat or dog owner.
  • If anyone in the home smokes, keeping the air as clean as possible can help prevent them from suffering unnecessary coughing or other respiratory issues that they are far more prone to experience.
  • If your home is in a highly-populated area, such as a city, an air purifier can help capture some of the nasty pollutants caused by both people and machines, making your home’s air fresh as can be.


These are just some of the reasons why you should consider getting an air purification system. If you’re curious about improving your air quality, don’t hesitate to reach out and get assistance from our outstanding team on your journey to find the perfect solution.

How Hutchinson Helps

At Hutchinson, we provide excellent services to keep your home safe and comfortable all year round. Whether you require assistance with your heater, have a massive leak in your plumbing, or need duct cleaning in Bucks County, PA, we can provide it all at competitive prices and the best service on the East Coast. If you’re interested in our services, including indoor air quality, contact our team today for more information!