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It’s Time for A Heating System Check-Up! Here’s 5 Reasons You Need One


As the fall and winter months approach, many people will be relying on their heating systems to keep warm. Did you know that even the smallest faults can increase heating bills by up to 50 percent? Here at Hutchinson, we offer ten-point heating inspections that help to prevent breakdowns, improve safety, and keep energy bills low.
There are several reasons to consider a professional heating system inspection by our team.

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Increased Safety

Heating systems produce heat by burning fuel. To ensure the safety and efficiency of the system, the combustion process must be precise. Any leaks or cracks in the machinery can increase carbon monoxide emissions to dangerous levels. The professional inspection of gas burners, valve calibrations, and heat exchangers are crucial for the operation of a furnace. Nobody should ever put the safety of themselves or their families at risk by neglecting the upkeep of their heating system.

Reduce Repairs

Each winter, we receive calls and emails from residents with heating problems that could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Furnace tune-ups include cleaning that helps to keep furnaces running efficiently. During this cleaning process, small issues can be identified before they become major repair jobs. Heating systems contain many essential components. If one component is damaged, it can place tremendous strain on the rest of the system. Luckily, repair technicians can spot these problems and fix them as part of annual inspections.

Guarantee Proper Airflow

Efficient airflow is vital for the proper operation of a furnace. During a furnace tune-up, our technicians thoroughly inspect your heating system to ensure optimum airflow is being achieved. Restricted or limited airflow places strain on a furnace and can create the need for repairs and shorten the lifespan of a heater.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Furnace tune-ups typically include the inspection and cleaning of the furnace heat exchanger and burner. As well as guaranteeing safe operation, this will help to keep your furnace running efficiently throughout the winter months.

Maintain the Manufacturer’s Warranty

If your heating system is under a manufacturer’s warranty, the warranty may be voided if you fail to invest in an annual furnace tune-up. Many manufacturers will stipulate this information in their contract or warranty document.

Hutchinson’s home heating experts perform thorough heating inspections to get your system in great shape for the fall and winter seasons. Watch this quick video to get a glimpse of what we look for during a routine furnace check-up. additional information, or to schedule a ten-point heating inspection, click here to contact us today!