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4 Common Causes of Airflow Problems in Your Home


Here at Hutchinson, we receive complaints concerning airflow problems in homes and businesses across New Jersey and Pennsylvania all the time. With summer at its peak, the last thing people need is to experience restricted AC services or problems with their units.

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There are various reasons why airflow can become a problem in AC units, so we’ve detailed some of the most common causes below.

Leaking Ducts

Many homes in the U.S. have air duct systems that contain cracks and holes. These holes cause an increase in cooling and heating costs while significantly reducing comfort levels. Typical duct systems suffer between 35-50% leakage, but these leaks are often ignored. Duct systems must be professionally balanced to ensure that each room receives the intended amount of air. That being said, insulation levels and air leakage throughout the home can cause as many problems as the ductwork itself.

Clogged Filters

Air conditioning filters help to remove dander, dust, pet hair, and allergens from indoor air. When they become clogged, they have a negative impact on the airflow of your AC or HVAC unit. As time progresses, this causes your AC to work much harder than it should and can cause a massive spike in energy bills. Although this problem can be fixed by replacing the filters yourself, if you encounter further issues, we recommend contacting a professional.

Damaged or Disconnected Duct Runs

Duct runs must be manufactured and installed to deliver a certain amount of airflow into a space. If ductwork is damaged or disconnected in places, it becomes substandard and unable to provide the required amount of air. Similarly, if the airflow becomes restricted, the air cannot flow to the places that it needs to reach. Bends and turns in ductwork create turbulence and restrict airflow. Combined with a crushed run or bent flex, this problem can severely impede the working processes of an AC system.

Blocked Condenser Unit

Obstructed condenser units are one of the most common causes of airflow problems in AC systems. These units are typically located outside or within a mechanical room. Outside units often become blocked with leaves and other debris. Inside units can also get blocked by other equipment, which means that the air can no longer circulate efficiently. This problem can easily be fixed by clearing out any visible debris from the condenser unit. However, if the condenser is located in a hard to reach place, contact the professionals for expert assistance!