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How to Save Money this Summer with Efficient AC Settings


The hottest days of summer are upon us, and it may be tempting to kick your air conditioner into overdrive and cool off. However, this could be an expensive luxury that will not pay off in the end. Most air conditioners are built to maintain a reasonable, comfortable temperature for your home. Air conditioners should be used only to condition the air – not freeze it! Of course, we still want to stay cool, but there are some easy things you can do to have your AC at its highest efficiency and lowest costs.

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Here are a few suggestions that we at Hutchinson, your trusted air conditioning repair company in Philadelphia, have to keep you cool and your wallet full.

As a leading air conditioning repair company in Gloucester, we know a thing or two about home comfort and hope that these efficiency tips and tricks will come in handy as you survive the late-summer heat. For more information about Hutchinson and our excellent HVAC services, please give us a call!