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Is A Ductless Heating System Right for Me?


As a leading air conditioning service company in Gloucester, NJ, and its surrounding areas, we’re proud to provide full-service HVAC solutions for all our customers. Below, we’ve gathered our expert knowledge for all our customers who are wondering if a ductless heating system is right for them.

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The Advantages of a Ductless Heating System

A ductless air conditioner or heat pump often consists of a wall mounted unit combined with an outdoor compressor. It’s commonly used as an alternative to a window AC unit or baseboard heating. Unlike window units, ductless units require just a small hole to be drilled into the wall. This means that they are less susceptible to air leakage and security problems. They are also less visible and quieter than their alternatives.

Ductless heating systems are incredibly energy efficient. Ductwork can see the average house lose 25 percent of its energy. Therefore, when you remove the ducts, you end up with a more efficient system, saving you cash almost instantly. Ductless models are equipped with inverter driven compressors so they can slow down and speed up based on the system’s needs.

The Disadvantages of a Ductless Heating System

The three main disadvantages of ductless heating systems for many homeowners are their upfront costs, maintenance, and aesthetics. However, for people who live in colder climates, it’s more than likely that you’ll need a backup heater if you want to use ductless heat. That being said, some new models can cope with the load even when facing temperatures below freezing.

For single rooms, ductless units will cost multiple times what window or baseboard heating units will cost up front. For full houses, they will oven cost double or triple your standard heating/cooling system. Therefore, it’s with calculating the savings that you will benefit from over time before you invest in a ductless heating system.

You can always contact us to help you with the calculations and to see whether or not it’s worth investing in a ductless heating system as a long term solution for your home. We’re proud of our reputation as a leading air conditioning repair company in Gloucester, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to discuss our ductless heating and cooling installation options!