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How You Can Restart Your Air Conditioning System After an Outage


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Below, we’ve collated some of our expert knowledge so that you can reference it in the event of a power outage.

Step One: Switch the AC off at the Thermostat

Set your thermostat to “off.” This will stop your thermostat from signaling the AC system for cooling so that you get the chance to reset your circuit breaker.

Step Two: Locate the Circuit Breaker Box

More often than not, a power surge from stormy weather overloads an AC system’s circuit breaker and causes it to “trip,” which also means it will need to be reset. The circuit breaker box is usually grey and metallic and is often located in the garage, basement, closet, laundry room, or exterior parts of the house.

Step Three: Reset Your Circuit Breaker

Open your circuit breaker box and look for the circuit that is labeled HVAC/AC. If the switches are not marked, look for a switch that has “tripped,” or moved to the neutral position. To reset the circuit breaker, flick it off and on, which is usually from left to right.

Step Four: Wait for Half an Hour

Now that you’ve reset switches on the circuit breaker, the AC will need some time to reset its circuit breaker. Do what you can to say cool as the system resets itself back to full working capacity.

Step Five: Turn the Thermostat Back to Cool

Go back to the thermostat, set it to cool, and try and set the temperature to five degrees below current room temperature. Now, the thermostat should signal for cooling from the AC.

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