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A Brief Guide to Plumbing Pipes and What You Might Have in Your Home


By getting to know exactly what types of plumbing pipes are in your home, you can prevent flooding, leaks, and other potential hazards. Our qualified staff at Hutchinson is always available to inspect and list what types of pipes are being used in your home plumbing system for you. After all, we are a premium plumbing company that serves Haddonfield, NJ, and the rest of Camden County, NJ, and beyond!

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Below are the types of pipes that may be lurking in your plumbing system, how long they typically last, and which ones to replace.

Supply Pipes:

Supply pipes are under constant pressure, and therefore they are the most likely to leak and potentially cause water damage.

Brass supply pipes are expected to last 40-70 years
Copper supply pipes can last 50+ years
Galvanized steel can last 20-50 years

Drain Lines:

There are two types of material that almost all drain lines are made from.

Cast iron drain lines can last 75-100 years
PVC drain lines are designed to last indefinitely.
There are also two types of materials that must be replaced if found to be used in the plumbing system of your home.


Polybutylene piping is made from a gray, plastic plumbing material that was common from the 1970s through to the 1990s. This material is prone to breakage and needs to be identified and replaced by a professional before any lasting damage is caused to your property. Polybutylene is commonly found in homes across the Sun Belt, in the Mid-Atlantic States, and the Pacific Northwest.

If you think that your home contains polybutylene pipes, call us immediately and we’ll send out one of our experts to inspect your plumbing system. Although the outside of the pipes may appear fine, chlorinated water can cause this material to disintegrate from the inside out.

Lead Pipes:

Lead pipes were fairly fashionable in the early 1900s before it was found that they can poison our drinking water. They can last up to 100 years and are typically a dull grey color on the surface. If you suspect that your home has lead water pipes, call a professional plumber to have them replaced.

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