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Plumbing Features You Need to Have Checked Before Purchasing a Home


When you’re on the hunt for your ideal home, it’s paramount that the property is thoroughly inspected before you finalize a deal. At Hutchinson, we’re always happy to help when it comes to inspections from professional plumbers in and around Haddonfield. On too many occasions we see that the plumbing system is overlooked when a property inspection is undertaken. After all, every home has a plumbing system that may have issues that are in need of fixing.

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Below are some of the common things that a plumbing professional should inspect before you purchase your new home.

The Main Sewer System

On occasion, there can be a blockage between the main sewer line that connects a home to a city sewer. Plumbers can detect such blockages by clearing a drain and using a sewer camera to determine the main cause of the problem. As sewer lines deteriorate, they can collapse at any moment, causing the need for a major repair or even a replacement.

In the best case scenario, the pipes can be relined by plumbing professionals before the problem gets worse. Drains clog up for a reason, but that reason isn’t always in plain sight. Before purchasing a new home, we advise asking a plumber to undertake a camera inspection along the main sewer line to see if any drains are clogged because this could help you save a fortune over the years.

The Water Heaters

On average, a water heater will last about (or approximately) 10 years. This depends on several factors including its usage and functionality. The location of a water heater is important with regards to safety. When a professional plumber checks the water tank location within a property, they look for potential leaks, and how much damage they would cause in their specific location.

Water heater pans overflow when they become too full. Therefore, water heaters installed in places that they could cause lots of damage if they start to leak, should be replaced as a precaution. You should also ask a professional plumber to evaluate and document the size of the water heater when they’re out to perform the house inspection, and whether it fulfills the requirements of the home.

The Toilets

A plumbing professional should take a look for signs of leaks around the toilets when inspecting your potential home. First, they should check for discoloration around the toilet bases. Next, they should check for warped ground or moving floorboards beneath the toilet. Finally, the toilet bowl shouldn’t move, and it should feel solid. It shouldn’t rock from side to side when encouraged to do so by trying to move the bowl. Any movement should be repaired by fixing the seal or replacing the toilet/flooring.

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