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3 Tips for Reducing Energy Loss in Ducts


If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency and comfort level of your home, the air ducts are a great place to begin. According to experts, your air duct system could be losing anywhere from 30 to 40 percent of your home’s heating and cooling energy when your HVAC system is running. As one of the best HVAC service companies in NJ, we would like to share a few tips that should allow you to not only reduce energy loss, but also reduce your monthly utility bills.

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Check and Seal Ducts

In order for air ducts in your home to distribute the designated amount of heated or cooled air into rooms you use and not into spaces like the attic, drop ceiling, or basement, you must make sure your air ducts are completely sealed and tightly in place. Even for someone who is not a trained HVAC technician, you can locate certain sections that may have been detached or are clearly holes.

While some joints and holes may seem like a simple fix using mastic or foil tape, smaller holes can be tricky for you to find. That’s where the professional HVAC technicians from our team can help.

Insulate Ducts

If your ducts run through an unheated or uncooled area of your home, the ambient temperatures can greatly affect the air inside the ducts. The simplest way to minimize this problem is by having the duct itself insulated, or have the entire area that the duct runs through insulated.

Reroute Ducts

Based on the physics of air resistance, some of the air passing through your ducts will affect and contribute to energy loss. This is what is known as drag. There are a few ways you can reduce energy loss caused by drag such as:

  • Reducing the length of duct segments.
  • Increasing duct diameter.
  • Having a smooth interior surface to reduce friction.

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