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End-of-Summer Energy Saving Tips


As the summer comes to an end and the fall approaches, there are a few simple and inexpensive things you can do to save both energy and money. From knowing when to turn off your air conditioner and open the windows to other seasonal air conditioning advice, we’ll explain the end-of-summer energy-saving steps you can take this fall to save money and protect your heating and cooling equipment.

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While the heat is still here…

You should try to keep your home as cool as possible by blocking out excess sunlight during the day and making sure your home isn’t leaking cold air anywhere. Close curtains or blinds on windows that get direct sunlight and make sure all windows and doors are shut when the AC is on. You can also give your air conditioner a break by turning it off at night when the temperature drops and opening the windows to let the home cool naturally.

If you still notice unusually high energy costs, an Energy Audit from your local air conditioning service company in Camden County can help find the cause.

As the cool air begins to set in…

You can save energy by taking advantage of colder days and shutting the air conditioner off when you can. Whether you open the windows or not, you can see noticeably lower energy costs and keep the home comfortable without using your heating or cooling equipment during the beginning of the fall season.

When the temperatures start to drop and you start using your heater, you should change the temperature setting on your thermostat to as low as you can to save the most money. You should also get your annual heater tune-up from the leading heating and AC repair company in Camden County, Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services, to save money to inspect and prepare your heating equipment for the winter ahead.

It is also important to check both your heating and cooling equipment regularly for any signs of damage or problems that could be causing inefficiencies. If you notice any unusual noises with your air conditioner or heater, call us today at 866-953-8728 and we’ll come to check it out.