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3 Ways Humidity and Moisture Can Damage Your Home


As a homeowner, you are most likely always on the lookout for substances that can threaten the security and integrity of your home.

On a year-round basis, this can include anything from lightning storms to unwanted pests. And as an HVAC company, we get that: everything we do is about keeping your home environment clean and comfortable.

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However, something so small as humidity can easily escape our attention. Think too much moisture isn’t such a big deal? Think again. Our team here at Hutchinson, the premier AC repair company in Camden County, advises placing dehumidifiers in critical locations in your home to help avoid some of these common humidity-induced predicaments.

1. Bugs
Alright, so we already mentioned that you’re probably always on the watch for home insects, anyway. But did you know that too much moisture in your home can invite the creepy-crawlers in? Excessive humidity can attract pests such as ants, cockroaches, booklice, and camel crickets. If you can rid your house of some of that moisture, the bugs will be more likely to look for water elsewhere.

2. Mold and Health Hazards
Moisture build-up can quickly lead to mildew and mold. Mold can begin growing anywhere from poorly-ventilated basements to leaky pipes to poorly constructed windows.

Mildew is also more than just unpleasant to look at: it can cause structural damage and even health problems for you and your family. When mold spreads through an attic, for instance, the wooden support system will gradually weaken as time passes and can even collapse. Furthermore, mold and mildew can release dangerous spores into the environment, which will ultimately circulate through the air and cause sickness when inhaled.

3. Wall, Floor, and Mechanical Problems
As excess moisture spreads, it can readily damage everything it comes into contact with. Excess moisture in the walls can cause them to become soggy and decayed, while mildew in the carpets can cause disagreeable odors that are difficult to remove. In both instances, replacing the walls and carpets may be the only solution.

Excess humidity can also wreak havoc on your mechanical appliances. Too much condensation on water pipes and toilet tanks can generate rust and fungus, giving rise to costly mechanical failures.

If you’re having issues with moisture damage in your home, you know who to call. Whether you’re looking for tips on the best dehumidifiers for your house or the leading air conditioning service company for Camden County, contact Hutchinson today by calling 866-953-8728.