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How a Newer, More Energy Efficient Air Conditioning System Will Save You Money


Spring is finally here, which means it is time to turn on the air conditioning. You love the cold, air-conditioned house; however, you are in shock when you see your first electric bill of the season. If you have an older AC unit, it is probably consuming a lot of energy to keep you cool. Older units also require more frequent calls to your local Camden County air conditioning service company, so there is no telling how deep you may have to dig into your pockets to keep that old equipment running.

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Many people put off the inevitable by continually repairing their old air conditioners rather than replacing them with a new, energy efficient model. Half of your monthly utility bill comes directly from your heating and air conditioning costs. If you are spending money out-of-pocket to repair your AC, you should consider replacing it now to save money in the long run.

Today’s AC systems use 30-50% less energy to produce the same amount of cool air than those from many years ago, which could save you 20-40% in energy costs.

Older air conditioners are less efficient and contribute to a higher energy bill each month. Here are some signs to look for that may indicate that it is time to replace your AC:

  • How old is your AC? If it is over 20 years old, replace it.
  • Is any of your ductwork leaking?
  • Is your home humid?
  • Is there excessive dust in your home?
  • Have you noticed an increase in your utility bills?
  • Is your system noisy?

If you have decided that it is time to replace your old, inefficient, energy-sucking AC system, consider installing central air conditioning so you can reap the following benefits:

  • A significantly quieter system
  • Thermostat-controlled temperature
  • Improved air flow and even cooling
  • Energy efficiency and cost saving
  • Shared ductwork with your heating system

Selecting the right home air conditioner is an important decision. A cheap unit can be loud, may not sufficiently cool the entire home, and may cost you more money each month. To be sure you invest in one that is dependable, consider some of these factors:

Energy Efficiency – This is the main reason for replacement. Consider the SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating; the higher the rating, the better the efficiency.

Size – To understand your cooling needs, let a professional help determine what size is best for your home.

Lifespan – Consider a unit that has a long lifespan to save money on costs and long-term repairs.

Noise Level – Air conditioners are supposed to improve your quality of life. Do not buy a loud, annoying AC you are going to regret.

The best part of installing a new AC system with your Camden County heating and air conditioning company is all the money you will keep in your pocket because of:

  • Fewer maintenance costs.
  • Rebates and tax incentives you may qualify for.
  • Increased energy efficiency lowering your monthly utility bills.

Replacing your AC system can seem like a sizable investment at first, but when you consider the money you will save long-term, it makes sense to upgrade your system now.

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