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5 Reasons Why Your Boiler is Leaking


Heating your home during the winter may be one of the greatest challenges that you ever face as a homeowner. Because of the extreme temperatures that we have had to endure this year, Hutchinson would not be surprised if you have been unsatisfied with your boiler on more than occasion. While a furnace may seem like a superior option at times, boiler units have more advantages over them than you would realize. Compared to furnaces, your average boiler is far less costly to operate, more energy-efficient, easier to install, and will have a longer life.

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Ultimately, the amount of moving parts inside of a heater is the greatest determinant of how well it will perform and how often you will need to repair the wear and tear to the unit. Because the boiler is much quieter than the furnace, the first sign that it is underperforming may not be a loud noise but a small puddle of water. When random puddles of water accumulate near your boiler unit, it indicates a leak likely tied to the water circulation system. Your best bet, as always, is to call a heating company in Camden County and the surrounding areas, like Hutchinson, and have the professionals inspect your heating for you.

If you are curious as to why your boiler may be leaking, the following are some of the most likely reasons:

Water pressure: A functional boiler will maintain steady water pressure during its operation. If any excess pressure cannot be relieved when a pressure release valve becomes blocked, it will force water to spill.

Corrosive damage: Unfortunately, rust and corrosion may be unavoidable in operating any unit. When enough corrosion occurs inside your heater or its pipes, it causes metal to decay, allowing water to leak. Regular maintenance and minor repairs may remedy this problem, but it may also call for a replacement past a point.

Stress fractures: Just like the human body, your boiler unit becomes more susceptible to stress fractures and cracks as it ages. Continuously warming and cooling, expanding and contracting, is how your boiler unit eventually cracks.

Improper installation: We hate to say it, but not all HVAC companies that offer installations and home heating repairs in South Jersey offer the same quality of service. If your last technician did you a disservice from poor soldering, water may be leaking from the copper piping inside of the boiler.

Damaged seals: Any damage that occurs to your boiler, in and around its seals, will allow water to escape and slowly drip. In the case of a broken seal, you’ll want an expert from Hutchinson to inspect and replace the seal and pump.

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