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What You Should Consider Before Switching on Your Heating Unit This Fall Season


As you were trying to squeeze in those last few moments of summer fun, hoping that summer would never end, reality snuck up on you; now days are spent getting the kids ready for school and looking for the autumn jackets. The change of season and cooler weather is just around the corner, but just as the leaves and our jackets change to get ready for the dropping temperatures so must we make sure that ours homes are ready to handle the colder weather during the upcoming winter months.

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Now is the time to rouse your furnace from its summer vacation, but before doing so, you’ll want to follow these important steps to ensure you stay comfortable during the deep chill of winter. Before you flick the thermostat to heat, we recommend a thorough inspection from a trusted heating and air conditioning company in the Greater Philadelphia area like Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling Energy Services. In the meantime, here are a few things that you can on your own.

General Cleaning

Replace your heating unit’s air filters so that dust and pollen are not circulating your home. Replacing the filters will also keep your system running more efficiently and extend its useful life. On the outside of the unit, you can use a vacuum brush attachment to clean the furnace’s accessible areas, as well as clean residue from the pilot light area and burners.

Vent Check

Check both the supply and the return vents to ensure they are all open for proper air flow and free of all obstructions. If the metal grates are dirty with dust, give them a quick wipe down.

Thermostat Testing

Turn the thermostat to heat mode and set the temperature ten degrees higher to double check the system is working correctly. You should hear your system start up shortly after you change the temperature. Grab a thermometer, wait 15 minutes, then compare the thermostat to the thermometer. If they read the same, you are ready to go!

Don’t wait until the temperatures dip below freezing to have your heating system checked. Call Hutchinson, the number one heating and air conditioning company serving Gloucester, for all of your furnace maintenance needs to ensure it keeps you and your family cozy and comfortable all throughout the winter.