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How Preventative Maintenance Will Help You Save Money on Utility Bills Throughout the Fall


As the temperatures drop and the days get shorter, we must admit that winter is almost here. For New Jersey homeowners in Gloucester County and Camden County, this means replenishing your supplies of salt, making sure your rake and shovel are ready, and hoping against hope that your heater can make it through “one more season.” As many of us have learned, a seasonal tune-up of your heater is the easiest way to fix tiny problems before they become major issues, and allow your heater to make it “one more season.” But, did you know that this seasonal tune-up of your furnace can also save you on your winter utility bills? Here’s how:

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Cleaning of Heater’s Burners – Just like your cooking grill, the burners are where the gas is added to the fire. Just like your cooking grill, over time, the burners can also develop a buildup which can interfere with how efficiently the flame is made. A trained technician will have no issues removing the burners and hand scrubbing them clean again. This can add life to your heater and save you money every year.

Gas Manifold – the gas manifold in your furnace controls how much gas is sent to the burners at any time. Too much gas supplied to the burners will lower the efficiency of your heater. If too little gas is supplied, you will lower the efficiency of your furnace (and make large amounts of carbon monoxide). The gas manifold is set based on the size of your furnace, gas pipe size, distance from the gas meter, local gas supply conditions, and a host of other factors—all of which a qualified technician should be able to perform during your heater’s tune-up which can save you money.

Pressure Switches, Thermostat & Communication – these are the controls of your home’s heater that must turn on, in a specific order, in order for your furnace to make fire. Any miscommunication can lead to misfires/restarts, system shutdowns, or prevent the home from heating up to the desired temperatures. All of these will cause you to waste money which could have been easily saved during your heater’s preventative maintenance.

Fan & Filter – for homes with forced-air furnaces, the heat in your home is moved throughout your home using a fan and system of ductwork. If your ducts, filter, or fan are dirty this can obstruct airflow which makes your system work harder. This means your heater burns more gas and your fan uses more electricity to get the same results. These issues are quickly remedied during a standard cleaning and can have a noticeable difference on your utility bills.

Enhancements – in the summer, we’re often horrified by the morning news when they announce it will be 95Fbut feel like 110Fo (that is heat index and due to the humidity in the air).  In the winter we can use this humidity in our favor with whole home humidifiers which allow your home to feel like 72Fo even when it’s several degrees cooler. A properly trained technician can ensure your humidifier is in proper working condition which can save you money all winter long.

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