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How to Keep Your Home’s IAQ Great During the Fall


During the fall and winter, and as the days get shorter and shorter, people are forced to spend more and more time indoors. Unfortunately, if the air inside your home is not clean, you may suffer from allergies, coughs, and congestions which will make an already unbearable season worse. This year, Hutchinson is here to make sure you have a healthy and happy season.

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  1. Dust Regularly – the more dust you collect and clean off of surfaces in your home and that is tucked behind furniture, then the less dust there will be in the air for you and your family to breathe. While a thorough dusting of our home is always on our “list of things to do,” it never seems to make it to the top of the list. Here is some motivation: dust is made up of dead skin cells, human and animal hair, dirt, pollen, and mold/fungi spores.
  1. Clean the Floors – any dust that doesn’t end up on top of our furniture ends up on the floor. So, once you’re done dusting, it’s time to sweep and clean the floors. If you have carpets, the problem can become worse. As people walk across your carpet they do one of two things: add dirt and debris from their shoes into the carpet, or, kick up dirt and debris from your carpet into the air. For a healthy and happy season, vacuum regularly and consider a thorough cleaning with a steam or carpet cleaner.
  1. Take Off Shoes and Use a Doormat – to keep both your home and the air in your home clean this fall and winter, take your shoes off when entering the home. Studies on bacteria and germs on shoes reads like a report on a gas station bathroom. E. Coli, meningitis, Klebsiella pneumonia, and serratia ficaria are things best taken off and left by the front door. If having visitors take off their shoes isn’t an option, then consider using a doormat. Simply wiping your feet can dramatically reduce the amount of bacteria and dirt that is about to be dragged across your home.
  1. Clean Your Drapes – your window treatments throughout your home are another area that can collect dust, dirt, or other allergens. Wash them in hot water to make them clean as new.
  1. Houseplants – Once you have cleaned all of the dust and allergens from your home try adding some houseplants. Houseplants work as natural air purifiers, removing toxins from the air and producing fresh oxygen.

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