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How to Help Keep Your Air Conditioning Energy Costs Low


As the temperature rises, you might find it difficult to turn off your air conditioning unit and thus save precious money on your energy bills. However, there is hope, and you don’t have to turn off your system just to see a decrease in your monthly bill!

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In fact, if you’re looking to keep your air conditioning energy costs low, here are a few changes you can consider making:

Turn on those ceiling fans you think you don’t need with your AC running.

While a fan won’t cool down a room, it will make it more comfortable. It creates what is called a “wind-chill” effect and will allow your body to feel a different temperature than what it actually is. So, turn down your AC, and turn on the fans! Although, remember to turn the fans off when you leave the room!

Set the thermostat to a “warmer” setting at night.

No one likes to sweat while the sleep, but most can sleep through a warm night. During the night, you won’t need the same amount of cool air as you will during the day, and can thus save some energy by setting the thermostat to a temperature that will require your system to run less.

Use lights only when you absolutely need them.

If you didn’t know, keeping blinds and shades closed during the day will help to keep out that unwanted heat that will make your system work harder. When most people do this, some switch on every light in their home. But, doing this may also cause your system to work harder because these lights are also a source of heat. Therefore, use lights only when you need them to help save energy.  If you have to turn on lights, considering upgrading your old-fashioned light bulbs to newer CFL or LED light bulbs which generate substantially less.

Try to avoid activities that involve generating extra heat.

Cooking on the stove, using the dishwasher, and washing clothes are all activities that can generate heat and cause your AC unit to work longer to get your home to the ideal temperature. Whenever possible, limit washing dishes and clothes to early in the morning or late at night (when it’s cooler), and cook outside. Last, but not least, when you are done using your computer or watching TV, make sure they are properly shut down as they also produce heat.

If you make these simple changes, we are sure you will save some cash! To learn more about how you can keep your energy bills low, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling.