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How a Hutchinson Maintenance Agreement Could Better Protect and Serve Your Home This Summer


Days are growing longer and the temperature is slowly creeping up, so this can only mean one thing: summer is almost here!

If you want to be confident that your air conditioner will keep you cool for the whole summer, then now is the time to call Hutchinson to schedule your AC unit’s yearly maintenance. Our current special even offers our top of the line technicians and a 10-point system check-up for only $55.55!

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Before jumping at that offer, consider how a Hutchinson Maintenance Agreement could better protect and serve your home this summer!

  • 22 Point Inspection (instead of 10) – included condensate drain cleaning.
    • The comprehensive 22-point inspection includes reviews of your outdoor air conditioner, indoor furnace/air handler, and thermostat.
    • Also included is the cleaning of your condensate drain to ensure that you do not experience any flooding this cooling season.
  • Cleaning of Unit.
    • Over time your home’s outdoor air conditioner will collect everything from leaves, dirt, and grass clippings to sticks, animals, and children’s toys all of which can rob your unit of efficiency and longevity – your Preventative Maintenance will thoroughly clean the unit (and return any of your children’s toys.)
  • Comprehensive Technician Report
    • Upon completion of your unit cleaning and service, our expertly-trained technicians will provide you with a written report detailing any potential issues which should be addressed, as well as any opportunity to enhance your AC unit’s performance.
  • Warranty on repairs.
    • All work and repairs performed will come with up to 3 years of parts and labor warranty. Hutchinson prides itself on doing the job right the first time so you can rest assured that the problem is fixed.
  • 15% off Hutchinson services.
    • Whether you need to repair your air conditioner or upgrade your home’s plumbing, you will receive all of Hutchinson’s 60+ years of experience and professionalism–you just pay less!
  • Priority service
    • Most importantly, your needs will be taken care of first! Just the way you like it.

To keep your home cool this summer, you should schedule your air conditioner’s maintenance sooner, rather than later. Whether you choose the 10-point or the 22-point inspection, you can “Trust Hutch” to keep you cool this summer!