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Tips to Help You Avoid a Plumbing Disaster During the Holiday Season


The last thing you want to happen when you have friends or family over during the holidays is a plumbing emergency. With more people using the bathroom, dishes being cleaned in the sink and/or dishwasher, etc., drains can get clogged a lot faster than they normally would. What’s more, all of the rich food people leave on their plates could even cause your garbage disposal to malfunction, and thus lead to more food clogging your kitchen sink!

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To help ensure that you do not have a plumbing emergency while entertaining guests during the holidays, we suggest that you consider some of the tips that we have provided below.

To prevent a plumbing emergency in the kitchen, it is important that you remove all debris from dishes or silverware.

Unfortunately, your garbage disposal will not always be able to grind up every piece of food enough for it to go easily down the drain. Furthermore, because more food is often consumed at holiday lunches and dinners, your garbage disposal will be working more than usual. Therefore, to prevent your garbage disposal from malfunctioning and your kitchen sink’s drains from becoming clogged, it is important that you scrape all leftover food debris on the plates and silverware into the trash. Although this adds an extra step to the cleaning process, you will not be left with a broken garbage disposal or clogged drains.

To prevent a toilet from overflowing, place a couple of empty trash bins in your bathroom so your guests can dispose of products that should not be flushed.

If you would rather not have to pull the plunger out of the closet, or mop up the mess from a toilet that overflowed, make it a point to have plenty of trash bins in your bathroom. While it might seem smug to ask your guests to put anything but toilet paper in the toilet, most will abide by that rule if you make it known to them. After all, as much as it is embarrassing to plunge a toilet, imagine how you would feel if you were the one that caused the clog.

If you are worried about whether or not your plumbing system is in great condition, one way to guarantee that it will do everything it needs to do is by having it checked.

Inevitably, just like you should schedule an annual maintenance check for your HVAC system to ensure that it works correctly, you should also do the same thing for your plumbing system.

To learn more about getting your plumbing system checked, please reach out to us here at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling.