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How to Help Keep Your Ductwork Clean in the Winter


There are various reasons why you should consider having your ductwork cleaned every couple of years. One of the most obvious is that after years of use, your ductwork will become littered with debris, dust, and dirt. What’s more, if the ductwork is left neglected, you will likely have air quality issues, as well as find more insects in your home.

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While having your ductwork inspected and cleaned by a professional should be a priority, there are still many other things that you can do to help maintain your air ducts between cleanings. In fact, here are two ways that you can help keep them clean and your air quality great.

Check on and change your air filter as necessary.

The air filter is your heating unit’s main line of defense. However, as the years go by this vital component will become clogged with debris. If you want to help keep you air ducts clean, make it a priority to check on and change your air filter one time a month.

Vacuum as often as you can.

The dust and dirt you track in from outside can also end up in your air ducts. So, don’t just make it a point to vacuum or remove dust from appliances or furniture when they look too dirty. Grab the vacuum and wipe down surfaces as often as you can. Inevitably, vacuuming and cleaning surfaces daily are important to preventing dust from spreading to not only your air ducts, but also other areas of your home.

In the end, whether or not your ductwork becomes littered with dust, dirt, debris, or becomes a haven for insects or vermin, is entirely up to how much attention you give it, as well as how often you clean your home. Additionally, compared to many of the other components of a ventilation system, we know that cleaning ductwork can be challenging. Therefore, take it from us, if you don’t know when the last time your ductwork was cleaned, or do not spend a lot of time cleaning your home, it’s time to call someone to come out and clean your air ducts!