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3 Tips to Help Get Your Plumbing System Ready to Outlast the Winter


If you want to help ensure that you do not find yourself with any plumbing issues after a long, cold and brutal winter, it is important to check on your plumbing system before cold weather arrives. As seasoned plumbers in Gloucester, Camden, Burlington and many other counties within the Garden State, we are extremely aware of what happens if a homeowner neglects to check on their plumbing system before Old Man Winter arrives. In fact, there is nothing better than having a professional come out and evaluate your system. But, if you were wondering how YOU can help guarantee that you do not find yourself with any costly repairs in the spring, or even during the winter, consider these three tips below.

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Stroll around the outside and inside of your home, and make sure that your faucets are not leaking.

If you notice even the smallest leak, this could cause some major problems once the temperature drops and stays below freezing. The fact of the matter is, if any faucet is leaking (especially outside), the water could eventually freeze, cause your pipes to expand, and thus burst from all of the pressure.

Remove all water from hoses, and unhook them from all faucets.

This task seems easy enough, but it is sometimes an afterthought for many people. Inevitably, if you do not unhook and drain all of the water from your hoses, you will not only find yourself with a useless hose once it warms up again, but it can (just like a leaking faucet) cause your pipes to freeze, expand, and burst!

Insulating your pipes will help keep them warm, and your heating bills low.

Not only will insulating your pipes keep them from freezing, but it could also mean that the water in your pipes will be hotter. Therefore, not only are you keeping your pipes “warm,” but your water heater will not have to work extra hard to guarantee that you can take that hot shower or bath.

In the end, there are a few things that you can do to guarantee that you have little to no plumbing issues over the winter, or when springtime rolls around.

However, there might be many bigger issues that will need to be addressed (and that you cannot see) that should be handled by a professional plumber!