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3 Things To Consider Before Turning The Heater On In The Fall


A few days after the new school year begins—but before the leaves begin to pile up, it is important that you ensure you have everything you need—and that your home is ready—for the winter months ahead. And we’re not talking about going out to the store and buying extra blankets or winter clothes—we are talking about checking your heating system.

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Before you flip your heating unit on, it is important that you have it inspected to guarantee that it operates efficiently. In fact, as a seasoned heating repair company that serves Burlington County, Camden County and many other areas in NJ, we don’t suggest that you have your unit inspected—we recommend that you do it before it’s too late!

If you can check on components such as the air filter and thermostat, as well as open all of your vents, you are well on your way to ensuring that your home is heated properly. But, if you want a thorough inspection done, it is wise to call a trusted company like us.

Components you can check on your own can include:

The Air Filter.

It is likely that every blog or article you read about preparing your heating and air conditioning unit for winter or summer will include a reference to the air filter. Air filters, although small, do a big job—they maintain the air quality in your home. Therefore, if you do not want pollen and dust circulating throughout your home, it is very important that you check on/replace this before winter arrives, and every month (as needed) after.

The Programmable Thermostat.

If you don’t have one, you should get one. Also, malfunctioning thermostats may be the reason your heating unit will not switch on. So, if you put the temperature higher, and nothing happens, then it is likely that your heating unit is not entirely ready for winter.

Your Vents Should Be Closed Where Needed, & Open Where Necessary.

Before you need to call us to perform heater repair in your South Jersey home, it is important to check your vents. You would be surprised how many times homeowners have told us to that their heating unit was broken only for our technicians to find that their vents were closed!

In the end, there is no denying that having a heating technician come out to your home will assure your heating system is ready to last the winter. And, better to have one come out sooner rather than after the temperature dips below freezing!