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How to Feel the Full Effects of Your Air Conditioning Unit


It’s so hot outside that even your air conditioning unit is not enough to cool you off. Or is it? When the temperature is too hot for you to handle, your AC unit goes into overdrive to ensure that your entire house is cool. However, if nothing appears to be wrong with your unit and a technician was just out to check its efficiency, it might just be that you are prohibiting it from doing its job. How is that possible? Well, consider the following:

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The vents are obstructed.

If there is furniture placed over or near your air conditioning vents, chances are that the air is cooling that couch or dresser rather than your home. So, take a walk around to each room and rearrange the furniture so that the air gets the opportunity to circulate correctly.

All blinds and shades in unoccupied rooms are open.

We would assume that once you turn the AC on that you would close all of your windows. Therefore, what we mean when we say that “all blinds and shades in unoccupied rooms are open,” is that the sun is shining through them! If you didn’t know, almost 30% of unwanted heat comes through windows, so it would be wise to shut many of the blinds and shades once the AC is on.

You run the dishwasher and do laundry during the hot afternoon hours.

Just like a light is a source of unwanted heat, so are appliances. Even your AC unit itself generates heat. If you need to do your laundry or run the dishwasher during a hot day, try doing it in the morning or night when temperatures cool down.

If you think that none of these things is prohibiting your home from being cooled, it might be time to call out a technician once again. In fact, it will probably be best to find a company that performs energy audits so that they can ensure everything in your home is in working order.