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What To Do When There Is No Air Coming For You AC Unit


Some people go into a state of hysteria when they discover that their air conditioner has stopped blowing out cold air. This is especially true for those who are elderly, have young children, or just cannot bear being subject to the sweltering summer afternoon heat.

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Before you open the phone book or Google what air conditioning company is the closest to you, there are a few things you can check that may or may not be the reason there is a lack of cold air.

Take a close look at the thermostat.

Those who have a programmable thermostat may believe that it is set up properly, but it is wise to double-check it to ensure it is where you want it to be. You would be surprised how many times technicians are called out to perform repairs and then find that the thermostat was not programmed correctly.

Check your circuit breaker.

Sometimes, an air conditioning unit can trip a home’s circuit breaker. So, one thing that you should check is if a lever is in the off position. If one is, turn it on and see what happens next. If you find that it trips again or does it repeatedly a few days down the road, there may be something wrong with the unit’s electrical components.

Evaluate the condition of your air filter.

Air filters that are extremely dirty will block airflow and can even cause the inside of your unit to freeze. Therefore, if you can’t remember the last time you changed your air filter, we highly suggest that you do so immediately!

If you have checked on everything that we mentioned above only to find out that nothing is out of the ordinary, call for emergency service at Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling. Most emergency service professionals will be able to diagnose the problem immediately, and then have your AC up and running in no time!