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5 Tips On How To Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Necessity


Sometimes, turning off your air conditioner to save energy is not an option. This is especially true when the National Weather Service says that heat index values will be near or above 100 degrees! However, there are still ways that you can save energy when your air conditioner is running full blast.

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Move Furniture Away From Vents

When we perform air conditioning service in any home in Burlington County, Gloucester County, Camden County, or any other area, we always tell homeowners to make sure that nothing obstructs the air vents. If there is a recliner, sofa, or bed covering the vent, the room will have a lot of a harder time getting to the optimal temperature because the furniture will be absorbing the cool air.

Turn The Temperature To A “Warmer” Setting At Night

When you are sleeping, your body will not require the same amount of cool it needs like it would during the day. So, turning it down to a “warmer” setting will cause it to work less overnight. If you have a hard time remembering turning the AC down at night, you can invest in a programmable thermostat to do it for you.

How Much Lighting Do You Really Need?

There is no denying that turning off lights will reduce heat, but another thing you need to pay attention to is your windows.

Although it is wise to use natural sunlight, some windows are not “energy-efficient” and will allow heat to enter your home. Therefore, open shades and blinds when you are in the room, but close them when you leave.

If No One Will Be Home For A While, Turn Down The AC

If possible, turn the AC unit down to a warmer setting (or program the thermostat to do so) and make sure that all blinds and drapes are closed. Although it might be warm when you get home later, your air conditioner will not waste energy cooling your home like it would if you were there.

Check Your Unit For Any Issues

If you want to ensure that you are saving energy at all, it is important to have your unit checked annually. And, what is one way you can do this? Well, have a professional come out and check your unit!

When homeowners come to us for air conditioning service in their Gloucester, Burlington, or Camden County home, we offer them Service Plans that come with a once a year maintenance visit. When our professionals come out, they will check for ANY issues.

By allowing our technicians to do this, the homeowner will be taking a much-needed first step towards saving energy!