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Why Should You Consider Having A Cooling Maintenance Plan?


Although many air conditioning installations we do tend to be one-and-done jobs, we still give our customers the option of having one of our “Service Plans.”

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While most do see the value, many do not see the benefit of spending money on something that they might not need. For those who would like a better idea as to why you might want to buy a maintenance plan from Hutchinson Plumbing Heating Cooling, we suggest that you consider these reasons:

Your Unit Will Be Less Likely To Breakdown.

What do most people expect when they get a new air conditioning unit? Well, they probably expect peace of mind. They have a new unit that they believe will not breakdown for a couple of years. The fact of the matter is, when or how often your unit breaks down will depend on how much annual maintenance it receives.

Like everything else in your home, your AC unit can also become dirty. To guarantee that your unit runs properly, cleaning it will be one of the things that you can do to ensure that it stays operable. What’s more, AC filters should be changed every few weeks. If you forget or neglect to do a little thing such as this, it may be the catalyst that causes a breakdown or other major issue.

You Will Get Your Hands On Some Great Discounts.

At Hutchinson, we offer discounts on parts, labor, and services depending which service plan a customer chooses. So, why wouldn’t it make sense to have a maintenance plan just for the discounts? When we tell our customers this some say, “I don’t think I will ever use them.”

Similar to what many other companies in the air conditioning industry do, we offer a variety of products on services. If you are happy with your air conditioning installation, why wouldn’t you call us to fix a plumbing or heating issue? If you do call us and you have a Service Plan, you can use the discount that comes with your Service Plan.

You Will Get The VIP Treatment.

No matter when you call, or how many people called ahead of you for service, you will always be the priority. Plus, if you have an emergency, most air conditioning services will have someone out to your home at any time of the morning or night.

You Will Save Money On Your Energy Bills.

Even though this is listed last on our list, this is probably one of the best benefits of having a maintenance plan. In the end, if your unit receives regular or annual maintenance, there is no doubt that you will notice a difference in your energy bills.

Aside from the reasons we listed above, there are countless other benefits of having a cooling maintenance plan. If you have any questions about our Service Plans or would like to sign up, please call us at any time.