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How To Tell If There Is Something Wrong With Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Thermostat


While you might be quick to blame your air conditioning unit as the sole reason it is not working, something else that could be the cause is your thermostat.

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As an air conditioning service in Camden County as well as other areas throughout Eastern PA, we have seen many times where the thermostat has been the main reason an AC unit doesn’t work properly. However, determining whether or not it is the cause before you call a company like us is difficult because many of the signs could also mean that your air conditioner is not working in general. To help homeowners determine whether or not the thermostat is the reason an AC unit is not working, we would suggest that you pay attention to the following:

In the event that your air conditioner will not turn on…

So, you hit the switch from off to on, and nothing happens. Instead of picking up the phone and telling us that your unit is broken, check the AC unit’s energy source. In fact, the first thing that you should do is check your circuit breaker or see if you blew a fuse. If these seem fine, the next thing you should do is see if the fan is on, and if it is attempting to distribute any cool air. In all, if you unit still fails to turn on at this point, there is probably an issue with the following: the electric, the mechanical components of the unit, or the thermostat.

You try to turn your unit off and it won’t.

This may be hard for most of you to accept, but as soon as your home reaches the desired temperature, it’s time to turn your AC unit off! After all, it needs a break and should not be running all summer long!

Anyway, if you have a thermostat and set a temperature it should turn off as soon as it reaches the temperature you set it at. However, if you find that it keeps getting colder and colder, and you swore you set it to be warmer, your thermostat might not be sensing what temperature it is in your home. If this problem is left ignored, not only will you see a spike in your energy bills, but you risk having the unit malfunction in general.

It’s still hot, and you feel cool air blowing out of your vents!

In this case, the thermostat could be the culprit because it may have become miscalibrated. In other words, it has been malfunctioning since the moment that you turned it on! For example, you set it at one temperature, and it wants to cool your home to another!

If you believe that your thermostat is the reason your unit is malfunctioning—call us right away! As an air conditioning service in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, we will be able to determine truly whether or not your thermostat is at fault, as well as install a new one if necessary!