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UV Light Installation & Replacement Service in New Jersey

UV lights are an essential barrier against mold and bacteria entering your home. UV light eliminates these contaminants before they can circulate back into your family’s air. Your system may not have one, but UV light installation is quick and easy. 

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If you need a UV light replacement and/or installation, Hutchinson can help. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with HVAC systems. We can ensure you have the best protection against poor air quality available. 

HVAC UV Light Bulb Installation 

UV lights have been used for decades, protecting us against infections. They have an incredible 99.9% kill rate for pathogens that make us sick. Here are some of the pathogens that UV light defeats:

  1. Bacteria that cause respiratory illness
  2. Mold and mold spores
  3. Fungus particulates 
  4. Viruses are deactivated

When you have an HVAC UV light in your home, it filters the air passing through the system. This, in turn, prevents any of these harmful agents from putting your family at risk. The installation process is simple, with the technician affixing the light inside the unit.

UV Light Bulb

HVAC UV Light Bulb Replacement 

If you want your UV light to continue protecting the air quality, you should have it replaced every few years. Those who are more at risk, with underlying health concerns, should consider an annual UV light replacement.

It is important to remember that UV light loses its germicidal benefits as it ages. This rate is generally around a 15% reduction in effectiveness per year. Other factors can also reduce the effectiveness, such as dust and other contaminants obscuring the light source. 

This degradation affects all kinds of UV lights. UV lights in an HVAC unit can last for over 24,000 hours. Part of the reason for this longevity is that the components being treated are at a fixed distance. The replacement frequency will depend on your model of UV lamp and your needs. 

How Does a UV Light Work??

There are three basic types of UV energy that you may have heard about. These are UVA, UVB, and UVC light. UVA and UVB light originates from the sun, and they are what you protect yourself from when you apply sunscreen. UVC light is what UV lights use for disinfectant purposes. 

UVC light is energy emitted at a specific wavelength. What this does is destroy the nucleic acids inside of a bacteria, for instance. This means that when you breathe in the bacteria, it can’t replicate or will die before you even breathe it in. 

This type of DNA damage also works against mold spores by making them unable to reproduce. It is also why UV light will deactivate viruses. This technology has been used in hospitals for almost a hundred years to help prevent the spread of tuberculosis. 

UV light installation occurs in two places inside the HVAC system. The first type is coil lights, which shine at the evaporator coils. The second type is air sanitizing lights placed near the return vents in the ductwork. 

Benefits of a UV Light in Your HVAC System?

How does all this germ-killing power help you? This is a common question before any UV light enters your HVAC system. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from having your UV light installed or replaced and returned to working order:

1. Improved Air Quality

The buildup of contaminants and microorganisms inside the air conditioner unit impacts your air quality. This reduction in air quality can cause health problems or worsen existing health issues like asthma. 

2. Helps to Prevent Mold and Microbial Growth Inside the Unit

There are areas inside the air conditioner where mold and microbial growth conditions are perfect. One such area is the drip pan, which catches the moisture condensing and dripping from the coils. You don’t want mold growing inside the air conditioner. 

3. Stops Biofilms from Building up inside the Unit

Over some time, bacteria, fungi, and molds can build up and create a biofilm. These contaminants will cling to the inside of your air conditioner. It acts as a magnet for dust and other pollutants. Such a buildup will dirty your air conditioner and cause damage.

4. Reduces the Spread of Viruses

Every year respiratory viruses spread throughout the United States, causing illnesses. Even hard or difficult-to-stop viruses, such as the COVID-19 virus, are unable to survive UV exposure. This is also true of cold germs, as well as the flu virus.

In hospitals, UV lights are used to treat tools and other surfaces that come into contact with people who are sick. They are also used to help disinfect contaminated areas or areas that have been quarantined. 

5. Helps Prevent the Spread of Allergens

By destroying cells that come into contact with the light, UV lights can reduce the suffering brought on by allergies. Removing many of the allergens from your air will reduce the amount of time you have to deal with allergies. By destroying biological contamination, it will also reduce the amount of contaminants that could make your allergies worse. 

6. Fights Biological Contamination of Your Air Supply

When air blows across biofilms and mold, it can pick up spores or cells that are then transported throughout the home. With UV light, that isn’t a problem because those cells are rendered inert before they reach your airways.

Mold and fungi are also capable of releasing spores into your air. The UV light will prevent the growth of mold and fungi, so there won’t be any problem with spores. Any spores that do enter the air conditioner will be destroyed by the light. 

7. Helps Keep the Internal Parts Clean

Due to the fact that UV light destroys mold and other contaminants which can grow inside your air conditioner, it keeps the components clean. As contaminants grow inside, they will get spread around your air conditioner. Preventing that growth is one of the best ways to keep your air conditioner clean.

8. Extends the Lifespan of Your Air Conditioning

With the inside of your air conditioner cleaner and not growing mold and fungi, your air conditioner will last longer. One of the leading contributors to mechanical failure in an air conditioner is contamination and buildup inside the unit. By reducing those sources of damage, the UV light extends the lifespan of the entire unit. 

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Now that you know all the things that a UV light for HVAC systems can do for you, how do you get one? UV lights won’t function to their potential if they aren’t installed correctly. This is why it’s important to have a professional UV light installation done. 

At Hutchinson, our technicians have decades of experience in ensuring you have all the necessary HVAC services you need. From maintenance, repair, and replacement to UV lights, Hutchinson can handle all of your HVAC needs. Book your appointment with us today, we are proud to serve the people of New Jersey. 

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