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UV Treatment

Zap Allergens and Airborne Diseases with Ultraviolet Air Treatment.

Heating and air conditioning systems basically work on the same way. Air gets draw in from the outside and is pulled through filters that trap large dust and particles. However smaller pollutants like mold, viruses and bacteria can pass through the filters into the cooling coils. This can create an environment for producing air that aggravates allergies and promotes airborne diseases.

An Ultraviolet air treatment system can zap and inactivate up to 87% of airborne bacteria* as it travels through your heating and air conditioning system. This powerful UV technology has been used for years to help clean the air in hospitals and laboratories – now it is available for your home.

* Test performed showed an 87% single pass kill rate of serratia marcescens bacteria in a clean metal 12″ x 25″ duct at an airflow rate of 2000 cfm using new lamps.

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