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The Quick Quiz can help you determine the percent you can save on your utility bills.

  • Enter the amount of your current annual utility bill (or best estimate) in the space provided.
  • In each of the five rows (air sealing, insulation, furnace, water heater, AC), click the picture that best describes your home and equipment in it.
  • The % you could save on your total utility bill will appear at the end of the row.
  • If the number for Total Potential Savings (at the bottom of the chart) is more than 10%, schedule your audit today.
Enter your annual utility cost or best estimate to see what you can save by converting to a ENERGY STAR HOME $
Your Home
Least Efficient
Somewhat inefficient
Somewhat Effcient
Energy Star Standard
Percent Savings

Your Home's Age
Air Sealing
Lower Utility Bill
Thickness Defer to your home's age
if you never upgraded
the insulation
Lower Utility Bill
Furnance What Yours
Looks Like
Lower Utility Bill
Water Heater What Yours
Looks Like
Water Heater
Lower Utility Bill
Age of Your Unit
Air Conditioner
Lower Utility Bill
Your total score represents your Potential utility bill saving   :  0%
Your annual utility cost or best estimate to see what you can save by converting to a ENERGY STAR HOME

Your projected monthy utility bill reduction $0.00
If your score is over 5% immediately schedule a Home Energy Audit.
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