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Wyncote, PA was a Quaker farming community, as many neighboring towns were in the 1700’s. First, the land was considered a part of the Chelten Hills Association, created by Edward Davis and his crew of prominent businessmen of the day. John Wanamaker, Joshua Lippincott, Jay Cooke and several others were among the group. They bought the land at a low price and built only prestigious country homes on it. It was said that “First generation wealth” were the majority of new residents building and buying the fancy Victorian style resort homes.

Wyncote’s residential population in Chelten Hills increase came later than its neighbors, much slower than planned by the landowners. The character of Wyncote’s land was rumored to be “different” than the surrounding villages, and the initial residential construction didn’t occur until 1888. Wyncote was given its name by one of the first four plot owners, the Barker family of Massachusetts.  

Wharton Barker was not popular with his decision to change the name, but the votes for Chelten Hills lost out when the post office officially named the sector in 1887. Wyncote soon got its own section of the local newspaper, with every new addition here being reported, from fences to visiting cousins. The section was called “Wyncote Jottings”.

By the 1890’s Wyncote was considered half residential and half resort. The arrival of a trolley car brought many vacationers, and the townspeople thought it was getting overloaded with boarding houses and strangers. Summer rentals became a major business here.

The population became diverse and soon stone masons lived next to wealthy merchants and railroad workers. Wyncote’s residents were known back then to have social prejudices. The early residents at the turn of the century can be seen in the newspapers referring to their neighbors as the “Italian immigrant” or the “German farmer”. Religious prejudices were common in the newspapers as well. Ads for hiring “Protestant girls only” were common, and Catholics went to church on the “other side of the tracks” in Jenkintown where the Catholic church sat.

By 1910, the boarding houses were run off to neighboring towns, but the socially wealthy seemed to be in the minority by then. The powerful men had moved on and the town became a typical upper-middle-class suburb with high aspirations. The residents of Wyncote never lost their desire for upward mobility.

Many new business owners sprang forth through this ambition, and between the Civil War and the first World War new fame and fortune was found for the residents here. New attitudes and businesses were created, and the town prospered. This time all were welcome.

Today Wyncote is a thriving suburb, and the beautiful Victorian homes still stand. The area is a cultural melting pot and tight-knit community of good people. Hutchinson loves coming to Wyncote to take care of these fine resident’s plumbing, heating, and air conditioning work.

Our HVAC services are second to none and our plumbing contractors are expertly better. This is due in part to our seventy years of professional experience. We are fourth generation experts and require rigorous training to have a specialist join the team. Hutchinson provides trusted, courteous services and we always have on a clean uniform and a smile.

Our heating and air conditioning services are also available 24/7 for emergencies. Our availability is always open for appointments too, should you need anything at all, and we will get there at your convenience, not ours. Our team of local contractors always include a safety check with every service, and you receive a written report prior to starting anything. You are always completely aware of what is going to happen, and never have any surprises come along with your HVAC repair. Call today!

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