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Wilmington, DE is a part of New Castle County. It is on the land once called Maax-waas Unk by the Lenni Lenape People who once lived here. That meant “Bear Place”, and it was near the Bear River, and the Lan api Hanna or “People like me” river.  It was once a beautiful wilderness, found by the Swedish settlers in the early 1630s, who built Fort Christina, or “Kristinehamn”.

Christina was their queen, and they also named the Christina River after her. The Swedes made a purchase from the Lenni Lenape Chief Mattahorn, but that deal did not last long. 

More Europeans came and the land was fought over and traded many times before it was called Wilmington. By 1664, after many small wars, the British began their colonies here. The town was named for the man who designed the street layout to be akin to nearby Philadelphia’s grid pattern, Thomas Willing.

Willington didn’t become Wilmington until 1739 when King George II changed it to honor the Earl of Wilmington, Spencer Compton. Wilmington was settled and grew slowly until a man named Eleuthere Irenee du Pont showed up in town. He was an explosive maker and knew how to make gunpowder.

He made his home nearby on the Brandywine River, where he created a manufacturing plant out of a mill. The town was made into a large success, supplying the civil war. Delaware was a border state, considered “Union” by the Mason Dixon Line, but many sympathizers also lived here.

Wilmington was also well known as “The last stop on the Underground Railroad”. Harriet Tubman and Thomas Garrett lived here, helping thousands reach freedom and safety. You can see a memorial to them on the Cristina River.

The city became rich and prosperous. They built iron ships, carriages and still gunpowder. Wilmington became a thriving metropolis of industry and growth. They rose to the top of many industries.

Unfortunately, the growth quickly stopped after highways cut across the center of town and provided easy access to city jobs from the suburbs. The city became segregated, and unrest ignited in 1968 when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was killed. Riots started, and the National Guard was sent in. The city of Wilmington had the longest occupation by the National Guard ever to occur in the US. From April thru December, there were nine months of patrolling, curfews and armed guards on the streets.

Today the city has been revitalized and has busy shipping docks, importing more fruit and juices than anywhere else in the country, in the largest dock refrigerated warehouse. The Dupont Company is still going strong. There are many museums and you can see the natural wonders of the beautiful Brandywine Valley. Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC contractors love to come here for service calls.

The hardworking families here expect more from their HVAC services. They expect their contractors to be familiar with all brands of heating and air conditioning equipment, whether their home is brand new, or a few hundred years old. Luckily, we have been doing this in the local area since 1948 and our expert services are always done right, on time and with a smile.

If you have a heating or air conditioning emergency, our local contractors will get there right away, day or night, 24/7. You can also make a scheduled call for any time of the day or night that is convenient for you. From a burst pipe to a small plumbing drip, you can count on Hutch.

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