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Westville, NJ is a small borough that is bordered by the Delaware River and Big Timber Creek. This residential community is affectionately known as the “Gateway to South Jersey”, has a population of 4,500 and is about the halfway point between Washington, D.C. and New York City.

Like much of the area, the earliest history dates back to the Leni Lenape American Indians. These people had settled along the Delaware River and its tributaries to take advantage of the fish filled waterways. Native artifacts have been found throughout Westville indicating their time in the area.

Over the early years in the Colony of New Jersey, a route called the Great Road was established, running from Perth Amboy to Burlington and through Salem. The route later changed names to King’s Highway and it crossed Big Timber Creek where Westville is today. Understanding that this route had created a need for a stage stop, Thomas West, who the town was named for, built a tavern by the creek. The tavern quickly became a popular stop for travelers going to, or coming from lower NJ. The Thomas West Home currently stands on River Drive and was built circa 1775.

Back in 1895, William Thompson of Gloucester opened the most elaborate amusement park in the United States with six hundred acres of land, stretched along the Delaware River. Named after the first President of the U.S, Washington Park then boasted the world’s tallest Ferris wheels, as well as carousels, an early roller coaster, gravity railway, and a famous electric fountain show—wildly popular with all patrons of the grand park. A day of fun and frolic could be had by all, strolling the riverside pier, listening to music at the pavilion, as balloons rose and fireworks burst above them.

With the same passion for new technologies, families, and communities, Hutchinson Plumbing aspires to fulfill all the HVAC needs of the people of Westville, New Jersey. Our services are considered expertly better because they are. This is the fourth generation to grow this business, and we have risen to the top of the heating, ac and plumbing industry by no accident.

We have seventy years of hard work and experience under our belts. Hutchinson’s local HVAC contractors are highly trained, built upon the skills and systems acquired since 1948. We take pride in the continuous addition of the new technology & skills we consistently learned along the way to the top. In fact, our heating and ac professionals are required to keep learning.

We take over one hundred hours, minimum, of additional training and classes each and every year. That keeps us on top of every brand and technology that can keep your home comfortable and safe. We also win awards each year for our local plumbing and HVAC services. You are in good hands with Hutchinson. We care for the people in Westville, and hope you continue to let our services be the ones you depend on year, after year.

Today this quiet borough has become home to many commuters looking to escape the busy city life of Philadelphia. The community offers multiple events throughout the year such as Movies at the Park, summer concerts, and youth camps. Westville additionally offers an abundance of green space with beautiful parks and a wildlife refuge. Parks along the beach give visitors unparalleled views of the Philadelphia skyline, and Hutchinson keeps them comfortable indoors.

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