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Ventnor, NJ is part of Absecon Island. It extends from South Atlantic City to Margate. It was named after Ventnor, England that is also a seaside resort on the Isle of Wright. Its namesake has been a resort destination since Victorian times. Its vision stayed with Mrs. Bartram Richards so strongly, that she cut out a piece of what was then Atlantic City in Egg Harbor Township to honor it. Her husband was the treasurer for the land company that was developing the area. To the West of Ventnor was Atlantic City, and to the East was South Atlantic City. That was in 1889, but it wasn’t until 1903 that is was fully incorporated.

There is nothing fun or comforting when your air conditioning fails on a hot day. Our local HVAC contractors are available 24/7 for the 10,000 residents here. Our HVAC services are second to none, and we back our work with a guarantee, so you won’t have any worries. We provide seasonal heating and air conditioning services, and every call is scheduled at your convenience, at whatever time is best for you. We know you are important, and our plumbers are courteous and respectful every time you see us. Ventnor is known for its important residents & guests.

There is a length of streets, all named for British Dukes in Ventnor. Collectively the area is called St. Leonards. In 1896 the St. Leonard’s Land Company incorporated, and the Association of the same name was founded in 1921.

They instilled high standards to the association, making restrictions to its use. For example, you couldn’t run a piggery, or slaughter house there. You couldn’t put a mental institution there, and you could add proper servants quarters where needed. In 1914 St. Leonard’s started a school for girls the “St. Leonard’s school by the sea”. The Association was created to enforce the deed restrictions to keep Ventnor a friendly place.

Hutchinson’s plumbing is a friendly business that loves coming to this friendly place. Today there is a feeling of comfort in Ventnor, that gives you a peaceful feeling. The seaside is beautiful, and the town was built around a thoughtful environment that promoted wellbeing. Hutchinson’s local contractors are an integral part of that, keeping the residents comfortable with our plumbing and heating services.

Ventnor City was a hot spot for the big names throughout time. After the Lindbergh kidnapping, Charles Lindbergh stayed on Ventnor Avenue to follow a tip about his son’s location. Unfortunately, it never panned out. Irving Berlin brought his daughters here to live to keep them safe, after the kidnapping.

John Wanamaker owned ten lots to develop known as the Wanamaker tract. Francis Scott Key’s granddaughter made her home here, and Hubert Humphrey stayed in Ventnor during his democratic convention in 1964.

Racing boats were built here, and a big race would attract boating enthusiast to the area, so Derby hall was built in 1907. It is an all-around fun atmosphere. The boardwalk was so well renounced that the movie Wise Guys was filmed here.

So be a wise guy and call Hutchinson. We will get right out for an emergency that needs a plumber, or just to look at that annoying drip. We also install new faucets to spruce the place up, or entire Energy Star rated HVAC systems. We are expertly better with our services, so call Hutch today.

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