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Tuckahoe, NJ is an unincorporated village located within Upper Township. Located along the river it shares a name with, the area has long been a popular fishing region that originates back to the Lenape Native Americans. The name comes from the Lenape name meaning “where deer are plentiful,” but is also used to describe the vegetative, bread-like substance that could be found at the base of the trees.

The original settlement began along both sides of the Tuckahoe river in the late 1600’s and two churches were built a decade later. By 1792, there were approximately sixty families living in the area.

The Tuckahoe River has always been an important part of life for the community here. In the early 19th century there were three major industries flourishing: shipbuilding, bog iron production, and glass making. In the 1820’s many of the schooners used, were built and launched into the river from the Tuckahoe area. Timber, for these ships, was cut from surrounding woodlands and the nearby Aetna Furnace supplied most of the iron and nails. Shipbuilding reached its peak production by the 1870’s. The Jonas Steelman shipyard in Tuckahoe was one of the three largest shipyards in the country.

By the 1890’s, the era of shipbuilding had come to an end. It was at this time that the railroad first came to Tuckahoe. The establishment of a railway in the village was important, as it was considered a central point of connection between Atlantic City, Camden, Philadelphia, and the shore communities. The arrival of rail to the community gave way to an economic boom, as it now started to serve as an engine repair station.

Today, Tuckahoe has a beautiful historic district that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The district is comprised of areas important to shipbuilding and a railroad village that influenced the evolution of transportation. Strolling through, you will see a diverse group of historic buildings in architectural styles that range from the early 1800’s through 1945. Stately homes with large wrap around porches have also recently been restored to their full beauty.

Hutchinson’s local contractors have been helpful in restoring old home’s heating and ac systems and are specialists in knowing the special plumbing requirements that these restoration projects need. It is always important to consider health effects of old time materials, which may contain asbestos or have leaks with mold or poor ventilation. We also are expertly better in creating you a new HVAC plan that will conserve energy, and save you money, while our services maintain your home’s charm.

Hutchinson’s Home Energy Audits are ranked in the top three in the nation for completed energy projects. Our local contractors work under the Energy Star Program from the Environmental Protection Agency and are trained experts at creating an HVAC environment that is the best suited for your home. Call for an analysis of your energy usage today.

There are so many small things in heating and ac that can be adjusted to save you money and increase your comfort. The evaluation will include a health and safety survey. First and foremost, Hutchinson will test and make sure there is no danger to your family. We look for asbestos-like materials, active mold, roof leaks, gas leaks, exhausts that are not vented properly. We examine your gas appliances for any harmful carbon monoxide escaping into your homes environment. Our services will have your plumbing in optimal shape.

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