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Toms River is a moderate-sized town of approximately 90,000 residents. Serving as the county seat, the town has a varied background that includes ties to the American Revolutionary War and being home to the 1998 Little League World Champion team.

There are conflicting theories on who the “Tom” is in Toms River. Some believe it comes from the English captain, William Tom. Others claim that the town’s namesake is from a Lenni Lenape Indian named Tom, but the official recognition belongs to Thomas Luker, a farmer and ferryman who ran across the river that runs through town bearing the same name.

Originally called Dover, Toms River was a center for shipbuilding, whaling, fishing, and iron and lumber production during the 19th century. During the time of the Revolutionary War, the Pennsylvania Salt Works Company in Toms river played a critical role. The company not only supplied colonial militias, but they also served as a base for privateer vessels that fought British and Troy ships off the coast. In March of 1782, British loyalists destroyed the salt house as well as most of the houses in the village. The salt works company was never rebuilt.

What the town is best known for is their Little League championships during the 1990s. Nicknamed “Beasts from the East,” the Toms River team made the series final three out of five years, eventually winning in 1998 when they defeated Japan by a score of 12-9. The victory parade saw more than 40,00 people line the route to pay tribute. Toms River native, Todd Frazier, who was the pitcher of the Championship Game went on to play collegiately for Rutgers University before being drafted by the Cincinnati Reds in 2007. He later was traded to the New York Yankees and New York Mets and still maintains a home in town.

Currently, Toms River has a thriving downtown that offers dynamic shopping and dining opportunities and spectacular views on its waterfront. Locals take advantage of riverboat dining, an abundance of parks and other green space, and touring local museums and galleries. The town is also home to the Pine Belt Arena which is used to host national touring acts. The community also boasts the John Bennett Indoor Athletic Complex, the only indoor athletic bubble in Ocean County, and one of the largest in NJ.

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