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Thorofare, NJ is a small residential community within West Deptford Township. Nestled along the Delaware River, the community lies approximately twenty minutes from Center City Philadelphia. The town of West Deptford was formed on March 1, 1871 by an act of the New Jersey Legislature. The town was from portions of Deptford Township and National Park and was named after the English port of Deptford.

Thorofare is where Heritage’s Dairy Stores began. In 1930, an ambitious, dedicated gentleman named Harold H. Heritage, called Grandpop Skeets, started with one cow and began serving milk to his family, friends and neighbors in the Thorofare area. During The Great Depression, Grandpop Skeets purchased a small milk route and began selling about 150 to 200 quarts per day.

In 1957, the first Heritage store was opened in Westville, known primarily as a milk store but also sold other groceries, and was a pioneer in the state of New Jersey in regards to being the first convenience store.

One of the premiere historical attractions in the area is Ladd’s Castle. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1972, it was the home of William Ladd, a surveyor who helped William Penn design the layout of Philadelphia. Originally called Candor Hall, the waterfront home was built in 1688 and sits on what is now known as Lafayette Street and is said to be the oldest brick house in Gloucester County.

Another attraction, Soupy Island, has as interesting history as it does name. It originally started in 1877 on Windmill Island as sanitarium, a hospital and playground for children suffering from tuberculosis. Built by amusement park owner, John Smith, and a group of local doctors, they provided comfort and services to underprivileged children for many years.

Soupy island had a famous merry go round, the best in the area, that provided joy for kids until it was destroyed. Women volunteered there daily to make soup for hungry people. All of the food and milk was donated by local farmers. Over six thousand kids came every day during the depression to eat soup, sometimes eight thousand arrived by ferry from Philadelphia. This park saved lives. Eventually Campbell’s donated thousands of cans weekly to keep the park going.

The Island was shut down due to the Delaware River dredging project and moved to Thorofare. Thanks to medical advancements, the tuberculosis condition dried up and the playground rebranded itself for low income kids.  The carousel is still a favorite, valued at a million dollars. Soupy Island remains today as a volunteer run, free park for families.

Hutchinson’s local contractors have been providing plumbing services in Thorofare since we started out, in 1948. The residents here are still a very helpful , giving community, and we are proud to work with them. We take care of the heating and air conditioning for many families here.

Our HVAC professional contractors are considered to be “expertly better”, because they are. Our local Hutchinson contractors are trained with four generations, and seventy years of family experience. We have seen every type of plumbing, heating or air conditioning emergency, and know just how to fix it right.

On top of our rigorous training, we also receive one hundred extra hours of technical training with every year of service at Hutchinson’s. It is a requirement that keeps our HVAC contractors up to date on every advancement, and every make and model you may have. It also keeps our services fresh and we are able to work efficiently as we keep the heating and air conditioning equipment running efficiently. Hutchinson is your best local source for plumbing & HVAC services.

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