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There were thirteen original purchasers of land from William Penn in Pennsylvania. Southampton, PA was one of the original divisions of land by them and extended all the way to Bensalem until 1929. In 1683 Chief Tamanend of the Lenni Lennape people sold the land between the Neshaminy Creek and Pennypack Creek for fish hooks, tools, axes, knives, and wampum, which was the native form of cash. In 1685 the British Provecial Council of Pennsylvania named this place Southamptonville. It was named after a port in Europe that catered to people immigrating to the new world.

English and Dutch settled here first, and many Quakers and Baptists started churches in unison. They built the first roads and soon a trade was developed with Philadelphia, quickly the population grew to over five hundred residents in the 1780’s. In 1785 a local resident John Finch made the first steamboat on a pond here, that later was translated to a full-sized riverboat on the Delaware. He couldn’t get investors, so the steamboat era was stalled until a later time when it changed history.

Southampton Township contained a small tavern built in 1848 which was in a small village. The village was named Davisville after Davis the post master but eventually was named as the Southampton town we know today inside of the township. In 1880 the Southamptonville railroad was built and the population grew.  Southampton Township began to be known as Upper Southampton, or Feasterville and Southampton the lower portion during the housing boom at the turn of the twentieth century. Eventually, they were officially split into the partials we have today. Rural became suburban and Southampton became known as “a nice place to live” as its slogan said. Hutchinson’s plumbing contractors also think that’s true.

The residents here are friendly and hardworking people. When they need help with their heating and air conditioning, they automatically call Hutchinson, because they know that we are expertly better and will get the job done right. Every one of our contractors are HVAC and plumbing specialists.

Each plumber we send has had seventy years of family experience added to their own training to build on. They know every brand and the differences each one has, the newest technologies, the old school technologies and how to mix them together to get your HVAC system working efficiently again. Your heating and air conditioning can keep you more comfortable than ever with one of our maintenance plans.

Hutchinson’s plumbers always show up clean, treat you with courtesy and respect and do not leave a mess behind them. Our contractors HVAC services are available 24/7 and will get you running again in the event of an emergency, or if you just have a different schedule we can make an appointment that caters to you. Getting it done right the first time is our goal, and that is what we do, so we guarantee our heating and air conditioning work. That is why our customers in Southampton return and call Hutch over and over again for four generations of services.

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