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Salem is a quaint New Jersey town that sits just thirty minutes outside of Wilmington, Delaware. The name of Salem is derived from the Hebrew word “shalom”, meaning “peace”. It is a far cry from the witch hunt stories that come from the North. Located along the Salem River, this Salem town is full of rich history and beautiful architecture.

The history of Salem begins here in 1675 when Quaker, John Fenwick laid out the community. The town was first incorporated on February 21, 1798, as part of an initial one hundred four townships that were established by the New Jersey Legislature. On February 25, 1858, it was incorporated again under the name of Salem City.

Salem’s roots belong in agriculture and it was home to several pioneers in the industry. One such person was Colonel Robert Johnson, who is credited as the first person to publicly promote tomato consumption. Legend states that in 1820, Colonel Johnson stood on the courthouse steps and ate tomatoes in front of a large crowd that had gathered to watch him do so.

It is difficult to believe that no one would eat tomatoes before that, but it was not a staple of colonial times as it is today. This story did not appear in print until one hundred twenty-eight years later, leading scholars to doubt the validity of the tale. No matter the truth, Salem grew to be one of America’s most prolific tomato and canning centers with their products being shipped to every country in the world.

Built in 1735, the Old Salem Courthouse is the oldest active courthouse in the state and is the second oldest in continuous use in the United States. Originally built using locally manufactured bricks, the building was enlarged in 1817, and then again in 1908 during a remodel, however, the bell tower is relatively unchanged and the original bell is now located inside the courtroom.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing and HVAC contractors are thankful to Salem, not only for delicious Jersey tomatoes but for their decades of business. We have been heating and air conditioning leaders in the local area for seventy years, and it is due to the great residents of towns like Salem, NJ. We are thankful, and that is why we offer our clients and soon to be clients, free tips and tricks on this website for HVAC and plumbing needs. That way you can remain self-sufficient until you really need our local services and expertise.

Did you know your garbage disposal will work better if you run cold water through while using it as opposed to hot water? Your dishwasher won’t need the pre-rinse cycle if you rinse with cold water before loading. Never run the dishwasher half full, just fill it up to save energy!

We take pride in making sure every one of our local contractors and plumbers continue their education consistently. We update our knowledge base with more than the required one hundred hours of additional training Hutchinson’s each of our contractors are required to have while they work with us. That is why our heating and air conditioning services are second to none.

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