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Pottstown, PA  started out with metal works and forges. First an iron forge, then a blast furnace for cast iron and pipe iron, and then a steel furnace. The Swedish settled the land here first, then the English and German settlers followed. William Penn gave this plot to his own son John. By 1714 the first forge was running, and the metals industrial age began for Pottstown, though it had no name yet but was part of Chester County.

All of the metalworks drew the attention of a family of ironmasters, the Potts’s. They built their own forge here and lived to the west of the village. John Potts bought nine hundred acres of land in 1752 and planned this town. They called their land Pottsgrove. In 1815 it was incorporated into a borough and named Pottstown.

John built a tavern, cleared plots, and tried to make it all look appealing for residents to move to his new town. He kept room in special parcels for future worship houses and even a future cemetery. The people didn’t flock to town like he’d hoped and his family kept busy making cannons for the revolutionary effort. It wasn’t until the 1790s that people came and built new brick homes, and even a church in one of his designated spots, unfortunately, he didn’t live to see it.

In the mid-1800s the Potts family were still in business and opened the Pottsgrove ironworks and the Pottsgrove Iron Company. The railroad had given their businesses new life with easier transport than the boats had given. It also boosted the population and the town grew quickly. It saw more peaks and valleys during both the Civil War and WWII but always bounced back.

You can visit the home of John Potts today, at Pottsgrove Manor. There are still four acres left of his original estate, and his mansion has been restored to look like it did when the family lived there. They show guided tours all year, with a museum, shop and teaching programs too. Downtown Pottstown is also being rejuvenated now, and new parks and opened spaces are planned along the river.

The hard working HVAC contractors of Hutchinson’s Plumbing like to get calls for services in Pottstown. We are a family business ourselves, and with seventy years providing heating and air conditioning services in the local area, we hope to have the longevity of centuries as the Potts family seemed to have. We win awards and strive to be expertly better at our trade, and our HVAC and plumbing reputation shows that we’re doing something right.

Maybe it’s the service with a smile or the courtesy that comes with every heating and air conditioning call. Maybe it’s because we show up clean, and on time, and clean up after the work is complete. It could be all of these things, but it certainly is also, that our local contractors are experts, and we get it right the first time. No matter what the job, big or small, commercial or residential. We do it right, the first time, guaranteed. We’re available 24/7 so give us a call.

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