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Hutchinson’s expertly better HVAC contractors and plumbers know the issues that come with plumbing, heating and ac in old homes. It is common to have several different style of additions added to a home over a hundred years. The ducts and ventilation don’t match, the pressures in the pipes are off, and the home doesn’t get comfortable when your heating and ac units should be powerful enough to do the job.

Hutchinson’s heating and air conditioning contractors know how to find the issues. We can get you running efficiently and better than ever, even in an old charming home. We also take great care of a new home’s HVAC services too.

Port Republic, NJ was first known as Wrangleboro. In 1716 the first public road in the county was set along Somers Ferry, now known as Somers Point to the Nacote Creek. Eventually this early road became Route 9, which our Hutchinson vans take to provide local services to the people of Port Republic.

Sixty years after the old road was created, two men, a sea captain Micajah Smith and Patrick McCullan dammed off the Nacote Creek here to start a grist mill and a sawmill. Later, Wrangleboro was born of a little community built around the mills. The population grew by the misfortune of a neighboring town Chestnut Neck. The British burned the town and the residents fled after a small battle was fought there. The British invaded by ship, to stop the privateers who had been confiscating the goods meant for their troops, and in retaliation they fought the battle of Chestnut Neck.

Wrangleboro had homes, a store, taverns and mills by 1835. Records found from 1850 showed the town’s growth and many professions developed with the people here. Wrangleboro had their own doctor and lawyer, blacksmiths and a few grocers. They had a small shopping district and many shipbuilding jobs.

In 1872 churches were built with two schools, a cemetery and a post office. In 1842 the name Unionville was given to replace Wranglboro but it was already in use elsewhere, so the name changed to Port Republic, possibly due to the shipyards. In 1905 the town was officially named Port Republic.

In 1911 a statue was erected to honor the battle fought at Chestnut neck. A fifty-foot monument of a soldier guards the shoreline facing the river.

You can still visit an original store, the Amanda Blake Store, as well as the home of Micajah Smith, the towns founder. Smith’s daughter and her husband turned it into a tavern and a subsequent owner added a large brick addition in 1815.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing continues to grow each year and we love serving our customer base of over eighty thousand residents and businesses. Most are repeat customers, keeping us going strong for seventy years of trusted local contractor services. Businesses like Lennox company, for example gave Fred Hutchinson, third generation of the Hutchinson’s family, a lifetime achievement award. The highest honor Lennox has, was given to him for the dedication and contribution to the HVAC industry as a whole.

This award as well as many others are well deserved and greatly appreciated by the team of dedicated Hutchinson plumbers and HVAC contractors. You can find Fred in the Lennox Hall of Fame, and Hutchinson’s heating and air conditioning in “Best of South jersey” list for the last fifteen years with, no doubt, more to come.

Hutchinson is your trusted professional air conditioning, heating and plumbing service provider.

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