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Pine Beach, NJ is a small residential borough with a population of just over 2,100 residents. Nestled along the south bank of Toms River, it is just a short nine-mile drive to popular Jersey Shore beach destinations. Originally this was a part of Berkeley Township, the borough of Pine Beach was incorporated in February of 1925.

The origins of Pine Beach as we know it today, began in 1908, when Philadelphia native, Robert M. Horter, was vacationing at the Winward Yacht Club in Riverbank.

Horter learned that the wooded area that would later be known as Pine Beach was for sale. By the time he’d returned home, he was already making plans to convert the land into a restricted summer colony of waterfront cottages.

In 1909, his dream started to materialize with the creation of the Pine Beach Improvement Company. After land surveys were complete, the arrival of the first prospective buyers arrived in April of the same year. By years end, Horter had sold 109 deeds and 22 residencies had been built. A year later, a seventy-five room hotel was erected. Over the years, property owners realized that they were receiving inadequate returns for their tax dollars and moved to vote for their own borough status.

Today this quaint community is considered an ideal place to raise a family. With a number of schooling opportunities, and vast parks and recreational system in the area. Plus, residents enjoy all of the benefits of being well located to not only shore destinations, but New York City and Philadelphia, it’s clear to see why its inhabitants enjoy living in Pine Beach.

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