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Pennsville is a quiet New Jersey town along the western bank of the Salem River. Just ninety minutes from Atlantic City and just under an hour from Philadelphia, this community is optimally located for those who want to the best of a suburban neighborhood while being just a short drive to all of the cultural and entertainment options of a city.

Not long after 1638, when the Finnish and Swedish settlers first arrived in Wilmington, Delaware, they migrated across the Delaware River into New Jersey looking for an area suited for farming. The majority of those from Finland settled near Finn’s Point Lighthouse and the Swedes near what was known as Churchtown. Once they arrived, they were met by three Lenni-Lenape tribes living along the river valley.  Chief, Obisquahassit, sold this land to these settlers in 1665.

A handful of the town’s early homes have been preserved as private residences; six of those were built between 1726 and 1775. Early residents of Pennsville made a living as fishermen and farmers, however, as time passed, industrial development took over. Currently, the DuPont Company serves as one of the town’s largest employers. It still feels like a farming community.

The town is served by the Pennsville School District, which offers public education to grades K-12. Pennsville Memorial High School, the home of the Eagles, competes as a member of the Tri-County Conference. The school’s football team has won two sectional titles, one in 1974 and in 1981. In 2015, the were the winners of the South Jersey Group I state sectional championship. Each year before Thanksgiving, the team plays rival Penns Grove for the Norm Willey Boot Trophy, that honors the late Philadelphia Eagle and former Pennsville alum. This is an example of the great traditions of this great town.

Sometimes even the best homes have an emergency and need plumbing and HVAC help. Hutchinson’s local Plumbing & HVAC contractors are happy to come to the rescue for the residents of Pennsville. We are available for any heating or air conditioning emergency 24/7.

If it’s the middle of the night, no problem! One of our expert local contractors will be right there, and our services will have your HVAC up and running in no time.  We also make service calls for non- emergencies at the client’s convenience. Any schedule you may have is ok with our heating and air conditioning specialists. We also provide our clients valuable, free information, right here on this website for when you aren’t yet ready to reach out.

Do you know your water heater doesn’t have to be set to hot? That wastes energy, in fact, a warm setting of up to 120 degrees will work better for your household and will save you money.  Keep your nose alert, and be aware if you smell a slight burnt odor. Your boiler or heater usually should not have a burning smell. If you notice a burnt smell, and there is no visible source, have your fan checked right away. Your safety is the biggest concern for our expertly better contractors. We always check for gas issues, mold or even asbestos suspicious materials during our routine services.

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