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Penns Grove is a diverse, residential borough located just across the Delaware River from Wilmington and is thirty-three miles south of Philadelphia. This small community was incorporated by an act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 8, 1894, from portions of Carney’s Point Township. It is named after William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania.

In the early 20th century, Italian immigration became a large part of Penns Groves history. Once it was an agricultural hub, but industrialization brought many immigrants. A large portion was from Valle San Giovanni and other surrounding provinces.

They arrived in Carneys Point to work at the local DuPont plant. Settling along Pitman Street. In 1935 the Italian community arranged to commission a statue of Madonna and Child to be installed in the Saint James Roman Catholic Church. The church is still there.

It wasn’t just Italians who found their way to Penns Grove. The twentieth century also brought black American’s from the southern states for available jobs. They were part of what came to be known as “the Great Migration north” and they settled into this melting pot community. Many were descendants of slaves from the colonial and federal period. In the latter part of the century, immigrants from Central and South America made their way to Penns Grove, as well.

One of the cornerstones of the community is the Church of Our Merciful Savior, a French, early Gothic style structure with stained glass windows and ornate wood carvings. The church was built in 1916 by the DuPont family and offers the community classroom space, offices, and a memorial garden. Penns Grove school-aged kids attend the Penns Grove-Carneys Point Regional School District, which serves grades K-12. Their high school, Penns Grove High School, is home of the Red Devils and boasts a very popular alumnus, popular Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis.

Today, the population here is well over five thousand residents. These residents prefer to use Hutchinson’s expertly better HVAC contractors and plumbers when they need services. We have seventy years in the local heating and air conditioning business, and Penns Grove knows they can depend on Hutch. Our local contractors and plumbers help in many ways, from checking for safety hazards to providing you with tips and tricks right here on this site. Many can keep you going until an issue seems serious enough for professional services.

Here are some energy tips from your HVAC experts at Hutchinson! Small things will make a difference in your energy bills, even while you are cooking! Try using your microwave or pressure cooker whenever possible because heating small things in the oven requires longer cooking times and heating the entire oven space to temperature. It could also tax your air conditioning because ovens tend to heat a room.

Small things should be heated in small appliances. For times when you need the oven capacity, limit your pre-heating time to the minimum recommended ten minutes. Keep the door closed while it bakes, and turn it off a few minutes prior to the timer going off. The oven will stay at temperature for the next few minutes without restarting.

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