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Paoli, PA was started at an Inn in 1769. Josh Evans named his Inn after a man from Corsica, a small island off the coast of, and currently a territory of, France. Corsica, at the time, was its own sovereign state. General Pasquale Paoli was toasted forty-five times for keeping occupation attempts at bay, at Evan’s new Inn on the night he named it. The Inn was located one day’s buggy drive away from Philadelphia so it became very successful and a village grew around it. Evans family owned five hundred acres, and all of them came to be called Paoli.

The cost of being a patriot was difficult in the early days of Paoli. The most famous example was a massacre here.  After the September 11th, 1777, the battle of Brandywine brought the loss of one thousand soldiers to the area.  A branch of the continental army led by General Anthony Wayne came to Paoli and made camp.

A loyalist spy gained the password of the camp, and British soldiers snuck in during the quiet cover of night.  They had orders not to use guns, only swords, bayonets, and knives. Five thousand men are said to have attacked the sleeping camp. Some men never awoke, others were tortured by groups of soldiers. The few who surrendered were burned.  The attack was at midnight, the result was fifty-three dead, and over one hundred horribly injured.

Later, General Wayne, who survived the massacre, retaliated in the exact same way in a town of the Hudson River. The Bayonets of his men killed ninety-four men, and he captured four hundred seventy-two others with more mercy than the former attack. Wayne took the nickname “Mad Anthony” after that.

Two hundred and twenty-five years after the Battle of Paoli, forty acres were dedicated as a memorial park here. Every September, you can attend Paoli Battle Heritage Day at the park. There are live reenactments, festivities, crafts, and vendors. It is a great way to interact with history.

Today there are five thousand five hundred residents in Paoli, and Hutchinson knows it is an honor to make sure they live in comfort. We are living in the way our patriots fought for. Nothing ensures comfort like a properly running HVAC and plumbing system. Your family will be warm in the winter and cool in the summer if Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors take care of your heating and air conditioning.

If you need a local plumber, for a small leak or emergency burst pipes at three AM, we are ready to take your call and provide services. We are local and well trained for any HVAC event. If you need a plumber or expert heating and air conditioning contractors, Hutchinson’s are trained with the added quality of seventy years of local family business experience. We update our knowledge base with more than the required one hundred hours of additional training Hutchinson’s each of our contractors are required to have while they work with us. Our services are provided with courtesy and a smile. We get the job done right, the first time.

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