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Oreland, PA is a quiet, middle-class community in Springfield and Upper Dublin townships. Located just fifteen miles north of Philadelphia’s center city, Oreland has become an ideal location for families that want to be close to big city attractions, yet enjoy the serenity of small-town living.

The town’s name comes from the large lime deposits that were discovered by Thomas Fitzwater in 1686. Fitzwater began processing lime and iron ore and in 1693 it grabbed the attention of William Penn, an English entrepreneur who founded the Province of Pennsylvania. Penn ordered the creation of one of the first roads in the area, Limekiln Pike, which connected the port of the Delaware River to the kiln. Mining and farming would continue to dominate the area until the 20th century when Oreland slowly became part of the Philadelphia suburbs.

One of Oreland’s most prominent attractions is the Emlen House. Built by George Emlen III, the stately stone home was once used by General George Washington as his headquarters from November 2nd until December 11, 1777. After Emlen’s passing, the home changed owners several times before being purchased in 1965 by Edward Piszeck, founder of Mrs. Paul’s Kitchens, a frozen seafood company. The home stayed in the Piszek family until 2013 and now a bronze tablet marks its historic nature.

Today Oreland is a family friendly town offering safe communities along with good schools and affordable home prices. The town is surrounded by acres of green space, country clubs, and golf courses, making it an ideal location to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hutchinson’s Plumbing takes care of the people of Oreland when they have a plumbing or HVAC issue. The people here have come to count on our expertly better contractors when their heating or air conditioning needs maintenance, or repairs. We provide maintenance services that also ensure your long term safety. Your family is breathing better indoor air quality when your appliances and duct work are clean and working well. Your heating & air conditioning units save you money and keep you more comfortable when they run efficiently.

Our expertly better contractors also check for leaks, mold, or even asbestos while we provide our services. You will find out everything we learned about your home’s efficiency, safety and appliances when we create your personal report. It summarizes the recommended work in our custom plan for your home.

Hutchinson’s experts list out every cost to you up front, so you never get a surprise after we start working. We tell you when something can wait for a while too, so you can stick to your budget. In the cases where you have to have it running again right away, we offer financing, even for our affordable rates. Don’t forget Hutch when you need an expertly better plumber, or heating and air conditioning services. Our HVAC services are the best. Hutchinson’s expertly better contractors are available 24/7 for any emergencies, and make every appointment scheduled to your convenience. Call today!

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