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Norristown, PA is the county seat of Montgomery County. Located on the scenic Schuylkill River and just fifteen miles northwest of Philadelphia, this charming community comes from a rich industrial history. It was named after Isaac Norris, a prominent Quaker merchant and former Mayor of Philadelphia in the early 1700’s. The land was originally owned by the founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn. The town was created as a retreat so locals could escape the busy, growing city of Philadelphia. In 1784, Norristown was given the honor of county seat and was officially incorporated in 1812.

Norristown became a thriving industrial and retail center throughout the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Factories, mills, foundries, and lumber yards all resided in Norristown, offering the community an abundance of jobs for skilled laborers and artisans. The town consisted primarily of English, German, Scotch, Dutch and Swedish immigrants. In the mid-1800’s it saw an influx of Irish and then Italians soon after.

Home to Norristown Farm Park, this one hundred sixty acre park is dedicated to the preservation of its natural beauty. It features two branches of Stony Creek, a trout nursery, a working farm and over seven miles of paved and natural trails. The park plays host to concerts and shows during peak months and houses several historic structures.  The old buildings date back to the 18th century, including the 1764 Springhouse.

Another point of interest in the beautiful Selma Mansion, one of the oldest and most historic structures in town. Built-in 1794 by General Andrew Porter, a soldier during the American Revolutionary War. The Federal-style mansion has Colonial interiors and was added to Pennsylvania’s Historical and Museum Commission.

Currently, Norristown is a diverse community that prides itself on all it has to offer. From its picturesque shopping district, to the residential homes, this small town offers residents a variety of dining options and their own art district. Hutchinson’s contractors come to these steep hills often for heating and air conditioning calls.

Some of the older districts in Norristown have unique HVAC systems in the older buildings, others may have unique water pressure needs from an expert plumber. Some of the industrial sites are being converted to condominiums, and require experts to install new HVAC systems while maintaining the integrity of the structure. Hutchinson’s plumbers and contractors are capable and happy to provide expert our services with a smile. Our local heating and air conditioning specialists get it right the first time, every time, that’s why we are able to guarantee our work. Many other services can’t do that.

Our heating and air conditioning services are also available 24/7 should you need anything at all, we will get there in a flash, for any emergency. Our team of local contractors always include a safety check with every service, and a written report prior to starting anything, so you are completely aware of what is going to happen. Our reports include what you need to get up and running again, and what can wait until later. All costs and services are listed in writing before we start.  We also provide financing.

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